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Revolution in how we Manage Information about us


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The ability to identify, measure and transact values, ideologies, beliefs, opinions and faiths will transform every sector especially retail value
Use Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) , celebrities and influencers, to connect to aligned customer ideologies at a fraction of the cost
Let products hunt for customer attention with aligned values, not the other way round with more focused choice and traction
Use interactive KOL avatars and AI deep fake tech to foster engagement both in-store and online through shared values
Seamlessly move into the metaverse where physical real world rewards and your online presence are smoothly blended
In the metaverse not only do stores only appear if aligned to your beliefs, but also vice versa depending on your ESG values
Get live metrics for $ sales by ideology, degrees of separation between your brand and the customer - theNPS for this century
We are a spinout from the world's leading not-for-profit Think Tank on the Movement of Value(s), the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance. Since 2011 we have worked tirelessly in one single area of the measurement, transaction and delivery of soft, non-financial, intangible, social impact value using 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies of DLT, IoT, 5G, AI and Web3. 

220,000 international members
70,000 values DAO members
400 academic papers
40 universities
15 whitepapers
13 yrs research
3 journals
2 galleries
1 metric

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